The Body, Mind, Soul Detox


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What if your yoga practice supported a healthy and toned physique, calmed and inspired your mind, and connected and fueled your soul?

Guess what. It can.

Welcome to the


What’s the Problem?

Okay. Let’s get comfortable and have a chat, tell me if any of this resonates with you...

No motivation to own your health

You’ve attempted a gym membership, a fad diet or two, possibly a cleanse, bootstrapped your fitness with five different workout plans, but still - the motivation is missing.

Too busy to make me-time

Your schedule is packed with endless to-dos and responsibilities, and the idea of me-time is absurd, like who has time for that? You’ve tried every type of planner, partnered with an accountability buddy, set goals for yourself month after month, but still - self-love and self-care are missing.

Overwhelmed from online challenges + groups

You belong to too many online groups, participate in challenge after challenge, and have dabbled in all sorts of movement, but still - the life-changing experience is missing.

Stressed, anxious, and disconnected

You’ve dabbled in meditation, practiced yoga intermittently, and get a massage once a month, but still - the feeling of peace, relaxation and connection is missing.

Uncertain about your life purpose + passion

You’re doing everything right in life, following society’s path of success, filling your home with material goods, getting that promotion, taking an epic vacation, but still - who you are and who you can be is missing.

The desire to learn more, but overwhelmed with where to start

You’ve read countless online articles, buried yourself in a book or two, attended a local or online workshop, but still - the framework to learn and grow is missing.

Frustrated with your current state of being

You’re aware that there’s more than the physical self, you’ve experienced moments of alignment and integration, and you catch glimpses of your entire self, but still - the state of being whole is missing.

Now, Imagine a Journey Where You Can…

Fuel your health, energize your day, and tap into endless motivation

Carve out necessary me-time to fill both your cup and others

Experience clarity and reach your goals through the combination of yoga, meditation, self-work, and community

Use personal tools to stay focused, grounded, and connected in the midst of everyday life

Create your life’s purpose, follow your interests, and confidently work towards a fulfilled journey

Understand where to invest your time and energy to achieve and experience your personal goals

Practice wholehearted living with all three layers - body, mind and soul - connected


How Does the Detox Work?

21 Day Transformation

For 21 days, we will practice yoga, meditation, healthy habits and self-work. The experience is a step-by-step program to produce a profound shift in YOUR journey.

Connects Your Body, Mind and Soul

The detox combines the five sheaths (or Koshas) to create integration and wholeness. The Koshas include our physical, energetic, mental, wisdom and bliss bodies - don’t worry, we’ll get to all of them!

Cleanse and Tone Your Body

Through the combination of 21 days of yoga and a recommended food program, you will release toxins, shed layers, and strengthen and tone your physical body.

Inspire Your Mind

Through 21 days of guided meditations and focused self-work, you will release fears, build confidence, and learn how to live our journey.

Fuels Your Soul

You will activate and align your chakra system to cultivate a deeper sense of what lies within, release imbalances, and move forward from a space of wholeness.

Compliments Mother Nature

The detox is experienced alongside the Spring and Fall Equinoxes to energetically feed off nature’s vibrations as these are times of transition, balance, introspection, and intention.

Or in my opinion, the perfect opportunity to detox your Body, Mind, and Soul.

Experienced as a Community

The experience opens twice a year and is led by yours truly to foster community, unparalleled support, and provide the inspiration to keep living your journey.

Dives into the Yoga Studies

This detox is more than just yoga, it’s a framework to dive deep into the studies, learn the principles, and create a foundation to continue your yoga practice for a lifetime to come.

What’s Included?

21 full-length, high quality yoga classes to experience in the comfort of your home

21 days of guided meditation to promote mental clarity and relaxation

21 worksheets and "do the work videos" to encourage self-reflection and personal development

Feel Good Eating Guide with daily recipes and weekly shopping lists to take the guesswork out of healthy eating and living

Eight Limbs of Yoga Guide to learn the foundation of this ancient practice

Chakra Guide to learn the energetic system that lies within each of us

Meditation Guide to start or sustain your practice

Yoga prop and yoga posture modification guides for beginners

Members only Facebook group to ask questions, seek support, get inspired, and connect with one another

Unlimited access to the detox program and the ability to download and save the materials offline


40 day mantra meditation challenge to continue your journey after the detox ends


Detox Doors are Closed

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Meet Your Teacher

Allie here to help guide + inspire your journey. I lead an online yoga community where I teach people how to reconnect with their body, calm their mind, build confidence, and find their purpose. As a registered yoga teacher and online inspiration leader, I’ve taught thousands of yogis how to start and continue their yoga practice and bring meaning and purpose to their journey!


Who is The Body, Mind, Soul Detox for?

The person who wants, needs, and enjoys a step-by-step program

If you crave organization and enjoy knowing what the next step is, then this is the program for you.

Beginners and advanced yogis

If you’re ready for more than the physical layer of yoga and want to deepen your experience, this is the program for you.

People who want more and are willing to work for that more

If you’re craving a fulfilled, purpose driven journey that manifests your goals into reality, this is the program for you.

People who need a transformation

If you need a radical shift from unhealthy and disconnected to healthy and so connected, this is the program for you.

People who practice in a studio or at home

Whether you practice in a studio, in the comfort of your home, or a mix between the two, this program holds purpose and opportunity for any yoga student who’s ready to learn and do the work.

Who is the detox NOT for?

The person who likes a hodgepodge of options

If you don’t thrive in a well-curated process that leads to a specific outcome, this program isn’t for you.

The yogi who only chases fancy postures

If you're only looking to nail a handstand, deepen your splits, or capture the perfect photo, this program isn’t for you.

People who want a quick fix

If your only goal is to quickly lose weight to then gain it back, this program isn’t for you.

People not willing to do the work

If you’re not ready to carve out the time, devote the energy, and channel your efforts into YOUR JOURNEY, this program isn’t for you.


Detox Doors are Closed

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a refund?
Of course I do! If after 7 days, from the program start date, you’re not digging the detox, let us know and your payment will be refunded. Simple as that!
Why does it cost so much?
Let’s put it into perspective. The price for a monthly yoga membership can cost upwards of $150+, and this doesn't include a step-by-step system to create a profound result! The Body, Mind, Soul Detox includes 21 themed yoga classes, meditations, and worksheets to cleanse + tone your body, inspire your mind, and fuel your soul, plus six full-length guides to further your knowledge and experience, and an incredible community to support you along the way.... all of this would easily be over a $1,000!
Why 21 Days?
21 days equals three weeks, giving us one week to focus on each layer of our being - Body, Mind and Soul. Plus, it’s the magic number thought to create positive habits and real life changes.
Will I lose weight?
I can’t make guarantees (duh), but if the detox is followed consistently and paired with healthy lifestyle choices, then YES, you will experience the shedding of layers and the toning of muscles.
What if I’m not flexible, strong or experienced enough?
News flash - we all start somewhere. In this detox, you will cultivate all of the above, plus more. And if you’re just starting on the yogic path, this is a wonderful introduction!
Can I just do your free programs or find these materials online?
Of course, nowadays almost anything can be found and learned online. However, time is our most valuable currency and to source high-quality, trusted content and create a step-by-step system for your the best experience would take months, trust me, because I already did it for you.
How long do I have access to the materials?
Forever and ever! The materials are yours to use, download, and learn from both during the led detox and whenever your heart desires.
What format are the materials delivered in?
Great question! The detox is a mix of videos, audio, and worksheets - there’s something for every type of learner!

How will the Body, Mind, Soul Detox Transform your Journey?

At the end of the 21 day detox you will feel lighter, stronger, integrated, and ready to live your journey!

You will end with an understanding of what our yoga practice is built upon and with the desire to continue learning more.

You will learn how to align your personal self through knowledge, physical yoga, mantra meditation, and self-work.

You will build confidence in creating a clear vision for your goals and how to manifest them into reality.

You will meet and connect with like-minded people all over the globe who will support and inspire your personal journey, and maybe, meet them in the flesh!

Finally - you will feel INCREDIBLE!

Your Body, Mind, and Soul will be awakened, worked on, and ready to continue the path of alignment, integration, and authentic living!


Detox Doors are Closed

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