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Space is limited to preserve teacher-student intimacy.

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The Spring 2023 session is no longer accepting enrollments, but we hope to see you at our next session! Be sure to join the waitlist to be notified if any spots open up and about our future programs.


• MAY 1 - NOV 5 •

You’re here because in some way the yoga tradition has made a substantial impact on who you are today. 

Through yoga’s tools and teachings, you’ve probably felt held, supported, seen, understood, inspired or empowered, and as a result...

Your life has prospered. 

When something contributes to our growth and development like yoga has, we’re naturally drawn to learn more, study the subject matter, and steward the teachings forward. 

This is the natural evolution for many dedicated yoga students who’ve greatly benefited from a rich, holistic practice…they feel called to immerse themselves in study, become teachers, and potentially guide students on their own inward, spiritual journeys. 

This is the same call I heard over a decade ago, and I’m so thankful I had the courage to not only listen, but lean in and take imperfect action. 

Becoming a yoga teacher demands patience, humility, devotion, reverence and life-long studentship.

If you’re up for the challenge, myself, my team and our guest faculty are here to guide you through the very beginning stages of your yoga teacher journey. 

Join us for an intimate and authentic, 200-Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training.

Where holistic isn't just a buzzword.

It's the foundation for how we practice, teach and lead.

Allie and purposefully chosen faculty will guide you through sadhana, studies, sequencing, practice teaching, contemplation, foundational business concepts and more as you partake in this challenging, yet meaningful training.

Allie will be your lead trainer and mentor as you dive in and develop the skillsets to become a teacher. With more than 10 years of experience and a passion for yoga's holistic nature, she is the visionary behind this training, as well as the Body Mind Soul Studio where hundreds of students practice yoga daily.

BMSS 200-HR YTT Overview:

➡️ May 1 - November 5 (final projects due Nov 17)

➡️ 200+ hours of trainings & teachings

➡️ Holistic, foundational, well-rounded curriculum guided by Allie & expert faculty

➡️ Self-paced, pre-recorded content

➡️ (3) Live weekend immersion trainings with guest faculty & Allie

➡️ Bi-monthly meetings to practice teaching alongside your peers with Allie present at one per month

➡️ (3) 40 day sadhana assignments

➡️ Yoga Toolbox by Joseph & Lillian Le Page mailed to your doorstep

➡️ Digital BMS YTT Manual to download, printing not included

➡️ Dedicated customer service support

What is Holistic Yoga though?

Holistic yoga is the opposite of what's mainstream, popular, and widely available and offered.

When you practice and teach holistically, you don't reduce the yoga tradition down to a singular teaching (the poses), glorify the shapes a body can make, knowingly disrespect its origins, or equate yoga with physical fitness.

Instead, you embrace yoga as a living tradition that's filled with wisdom teachings to guide you and your students on an inward, spiritual journey.

Here's how we'll embrace this.

Becoming a skilled, successful and spiritually fulfilled yoga teacher rests on three key pillars - your sadhana (practice), your svādhyāya (studies), and your capacity to guide an impactful experience through skillful speaking and sequencing.

These will be our three key focuses throughout this training to support your becoming.

Sadhana (practice)

Sadhana, spiritual practice, is how you'll gain direct knowledge of the tools & teachings that you'll be transmitting. Without this, you'll experience confusion, resistance, insecurity, and emptiness (I've been here & I don't recommend it).

For this reason, you'll commit to and complete (3) 40 day sadhanas throughout the training that will progress through asana, pranayama and japa meditation, plus daily short readings.

Svādhyāya (studies)

If we only learn tools and not the teachings, then we'll never understand the why behind the how or the meaning behind the modality. It’s like owning a toolkit filled with life-changing items, but you don't know their true purpose. 

To combat this, you'll learn from myself & many wise teachers to immerse yourself in yoga studies spanning several subject matters.

Sequencing & Speaking

How you speak & sequence creates the container for students to receive the tools & teachings that you’ll be sharing. These two combined skills also result in transformational on-the-mat experiences that ripple off the mat and into your student's lives. Speaking & sequencing matter, and they both require intention, planning and effort. 

For this reason, you will be practicing both of these from the very beginning, live, on camera with myself and your peers!

What sets our training apart?

This isn't just a pre-recorded, go at your own pace training that lacks feedback, accountability or real-time connection with your teachers and community. Our training is well-rounded, just like the teacher you're wanting to be.

Learn more below about why our training is vastly different than what's widely available and offered (aka mainstream).

Self-Guided Learning

The bulk of the training will be pre-recorded teachings that you can watch on demand at a time that aligns with your schedule.

A new module will be released each month with guidelines on what to complete each week, so you can make continual progress towards completion.

Bi-Monthly Group Meetings

We want you implementing what you're learning from the very beginning, which is why you'll meet twice per month to practice teaching.

You'll be paired with a group of peers, based on your chosen time preference, and attendance will be tracked and required. Finally, Allie will be present at one meeting per month to provide mentorship.

Live, Immersive Learning

We'll gather for three live, immersive training weekends to learn from guest faculty & Allie, and to continue practice teaching.

These trainings are mandatory unless time zones don't align or you have a valid reason for not attending, in which case watching the replay is required. Learn more about the live training weekends below.

Live Weekend Training #1

June 10 - 11 from 9 AM - 6 PM EST

The first training weekend will feature Dianne Bondy covering accessibility & adaptability, and Selena Garefino covering holistic sequencing. Read below for a detailed outline of what you'll learn.

June 10 with Dianne Bondy
  • Redefine your understanding of racism and you
  • Unpack social messaging and socialization around body image using practical methods and strategies
  • Learn how to reclaim a more powerful understanding of who you are and how you show up in the world
  • Explore how, as yoga teachers, we can make asana classes accessible for all who are called to practice.
  • Explore yoga for all levels, shapes, and sizes as an expression of joyful movement
  • Learn how to adapt vinyasa flow, inversions, and arm balances for all bodies.
June 11 with Selena Garefino
  • What is Vinyasa Krama?
  • Learn the postural categories & postural families
  • Learn how to use pratirkriasana (active reversal)
  • Learn the 5 components of a full limbed practice
  • Learn how to use the Mind Map
  • Learn powerful sequencing Strategies
  • Learn how to prep and neutralize for each postural category 

June 11 with Allie Van Fossen
  • Spend the second half of the day preparing to apply what you just learned
  • Layer the teachings from Dianne & Selena into your assigned teachbacks while co-working alongside one another
  • Break into small groups to practice teaching short sequences to one another
  • End the day with a gentle, nourishing practice to care for yourself after a full weekend of learning

Live Weekend Training #2

August 5 & 6 from 9 AM - 6 PM EST

The second training weekend will feature Indu Arora covering Intro to Mudras and Shavasana: Dare to Rest, and Kaya Mindlin covering an introduction to the Bhagavad Gita. Read below for a detailed outline of what you'll learn.

August 5 with Indu Arora
  • Spend the day with Indu learning the importance of savasana and an introduction to mudra
  • You'll participate in discussions on: what is savasana, the breath and brain in savasana.
  • Learn the do's & don'ts of savasana
  • Your introduction to mudra includes: mudra basics, their role in yoga, how they work and practices for different times of the day
  • Q&A at the end of training

August 6 with Allie Van Fossen
  • Start the day with a short mudra practice to get centered & prepared
  • Spend the first half of the day applying what you just learned
  • Layer the teachings from Indu into your assigned teach backs while co-working alongside one another
  • Break into small groups to practice teaching together
August 6 with Kaya Mindlin
  • Spend the afternoon learning The Mystical & Practical Teachings of Dharma & Karma
  • Dharma and Karma are the very basis of the yoga tradition, driving both the purpose and the practices.
  • Kaya will share stories, scriptural teachings from yogic texts, and direct revelations from the oral tradition to deliver transformative truths about what it is to be human, and what it is to be a yoga practitioner. 
  • You’ll learn to how the principles of dharma & karma can guide your life, your practice and your ability to share yoga with others.

Live Weekend Training #3

Nov 4 & 5 from 9 AM - 6 PM EST

The third training weekend will feature Hali Love covering personal development tools to grow your strengths as you become a teacher, as well as long-term vision mapping with Allie and an opportunity to teach a full-length class to your peers. Read below for a detailed outline of what you'll learn.

Nov 4 with Hali Love

  • Learn Hali Love's signature 7 Bodies Method
  • Learn simple tools to enhance your awareness to discover your weaknesses, and how to use this awareness to grow your strengths
  • Learn the good wolf, bad wolf myth and model
  • Learn the 3 egos framework
  • Define your core values
  • Create a banner statement
Nov 5 with Allie Van Fossen

  • Guided gentle ajna chakra practice to imagine what's possible as you step into the role of being a teacher
  • Create a three year vision map based on your core values to guide your energy & efforts as you become a skilled, successful, holistic yoga teacher
  • Map each year, season by season, to make your vision realistic and attainable
  • Break into groups to present your three year plan to one another
Nov 5 with Allie Van Fossen

  • Spend the first half of the day in small groups guiding your peers through a full-length practice
  • Spend the second half in an intimate sharing circle with Allie & your training group where all will be welcomed to share final reflections and ask any questions.
  • We'll end with a closing ceremony to seal the training experience, and celebrate your BMS 200-HR YTT completion!

Meet our BMS YTT Faculty

Allie Van Fossen

Allie is a yoga practitioner (like you), RYT 500, YouTube creator, founder of the Body Mind Soul Studio, international retreat leader, soon-to-be yoga teacher trainer & educator, the CEO of a multiple six-figure company, wife to her long-time partner Myers, and mamma to Scarlett Rose (her newest title). Allie and her team are dedicated to empowering yoga students to lead wholesome, fulfilling lives by going beyond watered down mainstream yoga, and learning and leveraging holistic tools and teachings. 

Prasad Rangenkar

Prasad, E-RYT 500, is a Yoga Educator based in India who teaches in over 15 countries for the past 27 years. He has been a student practitioner of Yoga for the last 37 years, studying both, in traditional lineages, as well as academically, with a Master’s degree in Philosophy. He is the Founder-Director of Yogaprasad Institute and conducts Yoga and Meditation Teacher Trainings, mentorship sessions, retreats, and workshops to spread the wisdom of traditional Yoga.

Indu Arora

Indu, E-RYT 500, is a Yoga and Ayurveda teacher, mentor, and author, based out of the USA. She considers herself a student for a lifetime. Indu has been sharing about Yoga philosophy, Yoga Therapy, and Ayurveda for the last two decades across more than 50 cities worldwide. Her teaching style is rooted in empowering and inspiring students to awaken the inner Guru. Her core philosophy is ‘Yoga is a Work-in and not a Work-out’. 

Kaya Mindlin

Kaya, E-RYT 500, is a “teacher behind the teacher”, guiding many of today’s well known leaders in yoga and āyurveda and yoga nidrā. Longtime practitioners seek her for mature practice, meaningful philosophy and authentic pedagogy that reflects her 20+ years of teaching and over 3,000 hours of formal study with her gurus and mentors. She is a lineage holder and steward of the yoga tradition whose dharma is to lovingly take others into the depths she embodies.

Selena Garefino

Selena, E-RYT 500, is a teacher of teachers, personal development and somatic movement coach, movement and meditation teacher, NLP practitioner, writer, and speaker. She has practiced yoga for 28 years and has trained hundreds of teachers globally since 2015. Selena is the founder of the WeEvolve Method™ and her approach to yoga asana is anchored in Classical Yoga, Personal Development, somatic movement, and Modern Movement Methodologies.

Dianne Bondy

Dianne, E-RYT 500, is a social justice activist, author, accessible yoga teacher, and leader of the Yoga For All movement. Her inclusive approach to yoga empowers anyone to practice—regardless of their shape, size, ethnicity, or level of ability. Dianne is revolutionizing yoga by educating yoga instructors around the world on how to make their classes welcoming for all kinds of practitioners.

Hali Love

Hali, a loving mom and wife, and yoga educator and personal development facilitator has been a successful "Yoga-Prenuer" since 2007. With her educational background in both psychology and business, she mentors many studio owners, businesses, yoga teachers and individuals globally.

David Keil

David has been practicing yoga since 1989 while still in high school. He taught informally for many years before developing the YogAnatomy workshop in 1999. He is the author of Functional Anatomy of Yoga, a guide for practitioners and teachers.

Meet the BMS YTT Curriculum

Module 0: Get Started

➡️ Meet the pancha koshas to learn about our holistic framework

➡️ What does yoga really mean?

➡️ Trap of becoming a teacher

➡️ Create a messy mission statement

➡️ Sadhana assignments

➡️ Bi-monthly group meeting assignments

➡️ Get your BMS YTT manual

➡️ Learn about your Yoga Toolbox (physical book we'll mail to you)

➡️ Required reading & where to purchase

Module 1: Kosha System with Allie & practice teaching

➡️ Learn annamayakosha, physical body teachings

➡️ Learn pranamayakosha, energetic body teachings

➡️ Learn manomayakosha, mental-emotional body teachings

➡️ Learn vijnanamayakosha, wisdom body teachings

➡️ Learn anandamayakosha, bliss body teachings

➡️ Practice, learn and teach a stabilization posture sequence

➡️ Practice, learn and teach a standing posture sequence

Module 1: Yoga History & Ethics with Prasad

➡️ Evolution of Yoga across the timeline of Indian thought, from Vedas to modern times

➡️ Emergence of modern yoga, the pros & cons

➡️ Key differences between the traditional and modern understanding of Yoga

➡️ Brief introduction to the key texts of Yoga

➡️ Responsibility of Yoga teacher and student

➡️ Comprehension of and responsibility to increase equity in yoga

➡️ Accountability measures

➡️ Self-reflection on how yoga ethics relates to practice and teaching

Module 2: Sequencing Foundations with Allie

➡️ Learn what vinyasa krama is and how to create a complete class

➡️ Get our holistic framework to help plan your classes

➡️ Learn posture families/categories and the associated energetics

➡️ Learn how to warm up (prep), neutralize, and cool down

➡️ Learn how to open and close a class with authority and sincerity

➡️ Practice finding your voice & how to speak calmly and clearly

➡️ Practice, learn and teach a hip opener, twist, backbend, lateral bend, forward fold, balance, inversions and savasana sequences

*Module 2 spans two months, and Selena Garefino will be contributing to our sequencing foundations curriculum at one of our live weekend training immersions.

Module 2: Anatomy with David Keil

➡️ Anatomical terms

➡️ Connective tissue and the muscular system

➡️ Skeletal system

➡️ Nervous system

➡️ Digestive system

➡️ Endocrine system

➡️ Cardiovascular (circulatory) system

➡️ Respiratory system and breathing

➡️ Foot and ankle

➡️ Knee joint

➡️ Hip joint

➡️ Pelvis

➡️ Spine

➡️ Shoulder girdle

➡️ Hand, wrist, elbow

*Module 2 spans two months

Module 3: Subtle Body, Pranayama, Mantra, Meditation

➡️ Introduction to the subtle body

➡️ Introduction to the nadis & how these teachings can guide your sequencing

➡️ Introduction to the modern chakra system & how to leverage the framework

➡️ Design & teach a 15 min chakra class sequence

➡️ Introduction to pranayama & it's purpose

➡️ Learn nine introductory pranayama practices to include in your classes

➡️ Introduction to mantra yoga & brief history

➡️ Learn three mantras & when/how to use them

➡️ Introduction to meditation & it's purpose

➡️ Learn four meditation techniques

➡️ Design & teach a 15 min pranayama & meditation practice

Module 4: Yoga Sutra Studies with Prasad & Allie

➡️ History and place of Yoga sutra in Indian philosophy

➡️ Nature of Purusha, Prakriti and liberation

➡️ Kleshas and antarayas

➡️ Breakdown of each limb within the eightfold path

➡️ Yoga asana classes for each limb, accompanied by sequence breakdowns for learning

➡️ Contemplative questions related to the sutras and each limb

➡️ Design & teach a 30 min yama themed complete class

➡️ Design & teach a 30 min niyama themed complete class

Module 5: Business & Becoming a Teacher

➡️ 3 year vision map to design your ideal teaching career

➡️ Classroom behavior - boundaries, scope of practice, student relations, professionalism

➡️ Know your value, how to price your offerings

➡️ How to get hired at a yoga studio

➡️ How to create community via e-mail marketing

➡️ How to teach online classes via Zoom

➡️ How & why to teach on YouTube

➡️ How to teach privates (introduction)

➡️ How to design, teach, sell workshops (introduction)

➡️ Insurance, waivers, liability

This teacher training is designed for...

Sincere Yoga Students

You are a holistic practitioner who's not interested in practicing mainstream, watered down yoga (or teaching it). You're not afraid to learn, grow and go beyond the pose. You value yoga's rich and diverse teachings, and sincerely want to deepen your knowledge alongside trusted teachers and a supportive community. You may have the burning desire to teach, you may be wildly unsure, or you may not want to teach at all, either way this is a fertile place to learn.

Future Yoga Teachers

You consider yourself a sincere yoga student, and you know with your whole soul that you want to teach at the completion of this training. With our holistic approach that prioritizes sadhana, svahdyaya, sequencing and speaking from the very beginning, you will have the tools, teachings and experience to hold space, design a complete practice and feel calm (or mildly calm) while delivering it!

Certified Yoga Teachers

You've already completed your first YTT (or maybe 3!), but you value life-long learning and want to expand your studies. Your first training(s) may have been more mainstream, and now you're either ready to embrace a holistic approach OR wanting to revisit foundational teachings before advancing (this is what I did). Either way, taking a second 200HR YTT is incredibly common, and will only help to strengthen your knowledge, and further support your students.

Enrollment is Closed

Space is limited to preserve teacher-student intimacy.

Click here to join our waitlist!

The Spring 2023 session is no longer accepting enrollments, but we hope to see you at our next session! Be sure to join the waitlist to be notified if any spots open up and about our future programs.

Have questions?

We've got answers!

Is this program Yoga Alliance certified?

This program is not Yoga Alliance Certified as of yet! This is something we're actively working towards and hope to have completed before your program starts on May 1.

Our comprehensive curriculum is designed to meet the Yoga Alliance Elevated RYS 200 Standards. Enrolled students will be kept up to date as we navigate the certification process.

We stand by our program - taught by experienced and holistic instructors - and believe even without this certification our graduates are equipped with the skills necessary to teach confidently and effectively.

Where can I find the Body Mind School policies?

You can view all of our policies here, if you need additional information please email us at [email protected]

How do the monthly payments work?

You'll be charged $675 at the time of enrollment and then automatically every 30 days for 3 months (until four payments in total have been made).

If you miss a payment due date, your access to the program and materials may be paused at the school’s discretion until payment is made. 

See the full refund policy at the bottom of this FAQ section.

Is online training effective?

Allie and the BMS Team have been leading and supporting an online yoga community for over 5 years! We've learned how to effectively translate knowledge in an online format through 100+ workshops, courses and live events. We firmly believe in online trainings and the power of this program. Plus, Allie completed her 300-HR YTT, and courses with several of the teachers here through virtual trainings.

Will I have 1:1 access to Allie?

Each month Allie attends one of your bi-monthly group calls to provide you with feedback, support and mentorship. You'll also see her at the live training weekends. In between calls, you'll be able to email the BMS Team with messages escalated to Allie on a requested basis.

What if I miss one of the bi-monthly group calls?

You are allowed to miss two peer group calls. If you miss more than two, a make-up session with Allie or the BMS Team is required at an additional cost of $100 USD. You may also be required to complete a make-up assignment. 

What type of content will you learn in this program?

You'll learn to embrace yoga as a living tradition that's filled with wisdom teachings to guide you and your students on an inward, spiritual journey.

For more detail, scroll back up to review the breakdown of each of our modules!

What will the monthly schedule look like?

Each month you'll get access to a new module that includes a week by week breakdown to help you complete the content based on your personal schedule. You'll also have two 75 min. group calls per month, and three live weekend immersion trainings throughout the six month span of studies.

Can I do this certification program with a full-time job?

Yes, that's the beauty of an online training! You'll need to dedicate approx 10 hours a week to your training, but we designed the majority of it to be flexible through pre-recorded, self-paced materials.

We've also released the live weekend training dates so you can plan ahead, and your bi-monthly meeting time will be chosen based on your time selection preferences.

What are the graduation requirements?

In order to graduate, we need to be sure that you've completed all 200 hours of training which includes the live events, workbook assignments, the final project and more. We value the experience and education provided here and stand by our requirements.

We understand life happens though, and have provide make-up assignments and opportunities wherever possible.

See graduation requirements below. More details are provided upon enrollment.

LIVE TRAININGS: Attend all 3 live training weekends. Students are required to watch the replays for any live training content they miss.

FINAL PROJECT: You have a three part final project. 1) Create three 45 minute holistic yoga sequences 2) Teach one of your sequences 3) Write a short 1 page paper

PEER GROUP CALLS: Attend bi-monthly 75 min. Peer Group Calls (12 in total)

OBSERVE EIGHT YOGA CLASSES: Attend 8 different yoga classes throughout the program (in person or online) and submit your observations through the online form.

THREE 40 DAY SADHANAS: Complete these throughout the program, they will progress through asana, pranayama and japa meditation, plus daily short readings.

PARTICIPATE IN TEACHBACKS: Participate in teachbacks throughout the program, at your peer group calls as well as during live training weekends.

What if I don't submit my final project or complete all the materials by the end of the program?

Students are responsible for submitting their final project, any make-up assignments and meeting their graduation requirements (we provide an outline of these requirements in the last question) by November 17 in order to receive their certificate.

We believe this deadline encourages student responsibility and dedication - traits we want in our yoga teachers too!

However, unforeseen changes in circumstances can slow down progress. If this happens, we'll need to be made aware and take each scenario on a case-by-case basis.

What technology is needed to participate?

You'll need access to a reliable computer or tablet, a solid internet connection and Zoom (where we hold our live trainings). We also highly suggest a webcam to elevate your teach backs.

Can I teach yoga after completing the program?

Absolutely! You'll receive a certificate of completion after you submit all the graduation requirements. In the last module of this program, you'll learn how to enter into the business of yoga.

Are there books included in the price?

Yes, we'll be mailing you the Yoga Toolbox by Joseph & Lillian Le Page. This is the same toolbox that Allie received at her first 200-HR YTT, and it's one that can grow with you as continue to evolve.

Are there books or other materials that aren’t included in the price?

Yes, not included in your tuition fees are: your anatomy textbook, books required for sadhana practice, computer or internet access, or any yoga props (such as a mat, blocks etc.) that you don't already own.

Information on all required reading and where to purchase those books is provided after enrollment.

Will you be offering this program again in the future?

We will, but no future trainings are currently scheduled because Allie plans to grow her family. If you're feeling called to join us - now is the time!

Do you have a refund policy?

Tuition is 100% non-refundable due to the online nature of the program. 

We uphold this policy because students can use the program at any time and are guaranteed lifetime access to the pre-recorded learning materials, PDF downloads and live training replays - this allows everyone to complete the program at a pace that works best for their unique life circumstances. 

Please note: Graduation from the program is subject to the student meeting the November 17th program deadline for submissions. Exceptions may be made on a case by case basis. 

Enrollment is Closed

Space is limited to preserve teacher-student intimacy.

Click here to join our waitlist!

The Spring 2023 session is no longer accepting enrollments, but we hope to see you at our next session! Be sure to join the waitlist to be notified if any spots open up and about our future programs.